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  1. So I said that if this suggestion is adopted, the accuracy and sense of responsibility of the report will be strengthened. Prevent online reporting of abusive behavior. Opening the line is a warning to prevent the reported person from committing a crime, and this function serves as a warning. Remind him of violating the rules For players who have been promoted multiple times by the online reporting system, the cooldown time for account login can be increased to allow online staff sufficient time for review
  2. 建议名称:It has been reported several times in this match. will be kicked out of the server. 建议说明:When using online reporting in the game, if the whistleblower is already in pending moderation, they will be kicked out of the server when the number of reports reaches the set limit. If this recommendation is adopted, I propose that the enhancement of the accuracy and accountability of online reporting include two points Any example images: not 为什么要添加它If I am the perpetrator and cause an accident in a populated area, there must be a certain number of players who report it online using TAB, and when a certain number is reached, the person who has been reported multiple times will be kicked out of the server. Adding this feature slows down areas where game crews aren't on site and is a way to maintain road safety.
  3. RMI发来贺电:恭喜卢卡斯升为团队负责人

  4. 老表祝你生日快乐

  5. 我会因为这个问题被禁止吗
  6. 恭喜邦帅升为罚单审核员


    Congratulations to Bang Shuai on his promotion to ticket auditor

  7. 中国RMI团队发来贺电,恭喜灵魂骑士升为路面交警

  8. Welcome to the Forum 

  9. Welcome to the Forum 🤝

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