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  1. I understand that it is the summer holidays, but I have seen player counts this low during previous summer holidays.
  2. I'm kind of expecting the DLC to remain popular as it fits well with Scandinavia (especially Finland) which is still popular unlike France or Italy. Also TMP has a large Russian community to keep Russia populated.
  3. The priorities are wrong, in real life those exiting the highway have to yield. Apart from trolls this is one of the reasons why traffic backs-up, also it makes sense for those exiting to yield because the c-d road has many times more traffic than the highway.
  4. Suggestion Name: Horn limit Suggestion Description: A limit on the amount of horns that can be attached to a truck, this number should be 4. If a truck has more than 4 horns then they should be kicked just like what happens when a non-admin uses police attachments Any example images: Why should it be added?: It should be added because many players have an excessive amount of air horns, which is deafening for headphone users even when the sound effect volume has been set near to the minimum. You may say that players should turn off horns in the settings menu, but the horn is an integral part of the TMP experience as many players (including me) use the horn to greet other drivers.
  5. No, not because I have a problem with homosexuality but because ets2 is not a game for shoving politics in.
  6. Where's the proof that the C-D road is going to be rebuilt by SCS except for a vegetation update, then again only a small part of C-D road is in Germany.
  7. So many times I see truck stopping in the middle of the highway to give priority to other trucks, at the junction for Calais, and I think this is something that needs to be addressed. In the image I provided you see that that red dot has stopped to let the blue dot through, because of this trucks end up crashing because they get pulled in front of, or end up rear ending the truck in front. In real life would you stop in the middle of the highway? Also yielding when you have priority is against the highway code.
  8. Netherlands, Belgium, North East France, West Germany, E45 in Denmark, and E20 in Denmark and Sweden.
  9. The command was ruined with a timer, now I have start loading saves more often again.
  10. I have always wanted to make my driving experience more realistic butt clueless on how to make the shifting layout like real European trucks squirrel promised to share his SII a year ago but never did If anyone could show me examples or share their H-Shifter SII file that would be appreciated.
  11. I have a G27 but no trackir so it is really annoying to drag my mouse to be able to look my right mirror I know there is the fake mirror but it breaks immersion and takes up FPS if if it is single i just indicate for a bit so the cars wont pass and then switch in multiplayer i wont use it if no one is there but course if there is someone behind i will use it
  12. I wont be using the World of Trucks spotlight as sometimes some crappy map or interior screenshots end up in world of trucks its also a waste of time your screenshots never get noticed by SCS or the viewers only like 1 view i gave up ages ago
  13. Not really SCS rushed the release of ETS2 but copying and pasting Germany and the UK from their previous games so these countries are the worst countries to drive in ETS2 as their boring and most unrealistic they could of made these countries from scratch like the rest of the countries
  14. The least SCS could do is update the vegetation of the standard map to the same ones as Scandinavia because Scandinavia has denser grass and realistic colors
  15. I suggest a rule how about no 6x4 since you would rarely see this chassis setup in europe
  16. 6/10 you were driving in the middle of the road at some points Here's mine this was my first time using g27 and the gears were weird on the truck apart from occasional speeding because i was driving Russia
  17. That is the company skin of my Trucking company Falcon Logistics as i cant make my own skins
  18. Would this be a J-spec truck it has a 460hp engine This is my Mercedes has a 476 hp engine
  19. Mine is in Malmö because its near the Øresund Bridge I might move mine to Cardiff because its the nearest city to where i live and everyone else seems to do the same or Amsterdam since i'm quarter dutch
  20. favorite: hard to pick maybe malmo least: all cities in Germany boring and unrealistic
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