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  1. I understand that it is the summer holidays, but I have seen player counts this low during previous summer holidays.
  2. Suggestion Name: Horn limit Suggestion Description: A limit on the amount of horns that can be attached to a truck, this number should be 4. If a truck has more than 4 horns then they should be kicked just like what happens when a non-admin uses police attachments Any example images: Why should it be added?: It should be added because many players have an excessive amount of air horns, which is deafening for headphone users even when the sound effect volume has been set near to the minimum. You may say that players should turn off horns in the settings menu, but the horn is an integral part of the TMP experience as many players (including me) use the horn to greet other drivers.
  3. The command was ruined with a timer, now I have start loading saves more often again.
  4. I suggest a rule how about no 6x4 since you would rarely see this chassis setup in europe
  5. That is the company skin of my Trucking company Falcon Logistics as i cant make my own skins
  6. Would this be a J-spec truck it has a 460hp engine This is my Mercedes has a 476 hp engine
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