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  1. My main focus for this sugestion is the customization. I think that it would be cool to see things like interior accesories, roof accesories or more rims. Secondly, the skoda lacks variety, the only option that we have is the facelift sedan i think that a lot of people (including me) would like to see a wagon or a prelift. Lastly, adding more trailers like for example utilty trailers, inclosed trailers, or a trailer for towing cars or bikes also wouldnt hurt. Summing up, heres a list of few things that i would like to see and that would improve the skoda. 2008 Prelift and wagons addition More rims (including steelies) Roof racks (one with bikes for example) Interior customization More trailers New exhausts A taxi livery with a taxi beacon Tinted windows More engine options including the 3.2 vr6 Ability to modify the drivetrain and choose between awd and fwd. The expansion for the skoda car would certainly improve the game by adding more variety to truckersmp. I think that a lot of people would like to see new features added to the car. Reply with your suggestions!
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