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  1. Have you missed it? It DOES bother me. Arcade? There are no arcade in ATS. ETS. There's ONE server with arcade, and online there is pitiful, I just checked, 160+ people...
  2. Exacly that, Darie. But I find it unfair that I have to slow down when I am on a STRAIGHT line PAST the city. Huh, I guess I'll go to them, then. Can't say I ever noticed being slowed down near cities in the past, though. If mod makers can maje a speedlimit mandatory, can't they simply make fines mandatory?
  3. How do I explain it? No. I go up to the speed limit of 70 mph. Then I have little popup that says - "you're in the city". Hell no, game. I'm on autoban, highway, freeway, scrub!! My engine is cut, and I slow down to roughly city limit. While I'm outside of it. If you really want, I can show screenshots. Cannot show video, since I have no recording gear... I repeat, I'm slowed down to CITY limit while I'm NEAR one, on a HIGHWAY.
  4. So, I've recently came back to updated multiplayer, and was really put off. You cannot go 70 mph on a highway near a town, it slows you down to 40 mph, forcefully. I understand the need to limit speed in cities to prevent racing in a TRUCK SIMULATOR, but please, update "hitboxes" for cities, I don't want to crawl on a main road. I've noticed it most on ATS, but ETS has been hit with it too. I have no desire to go into town, I want to hit the legal road speed limit and go, but what's the point of game speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour if I'm reduced to 50 by multiplayer mod? I would like that to be reversed, and simply have moderation of "reckless driving" improved.
  5. Several questionts at that. 1) Is there a better thread for this type of question. 2) Is it possible to PARTIALLY disable player markers on map. I want to see when my friends are nearby, but to not show other players. I've asked how to disable markers already, and I know how to do it. What I would like is the function to choose which ones I want to see, and which ones I don't. Thank you.
  6. Cannot make a topic in any area, can a moderator contact me? Thank you.


    Recently I logged in, and found out that I was an admin. I never filled any forms, or appealed to be an administrator.

    I have become an admin. Don't know how, or when.

    1. ViniKamp1


      This is just a prank on the first of April

    2. SilverDiamond


      OK, that actually got me. Damnit.

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