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  1. SilverDiamond

    Map markers.

    Several questionts at that. 1) Is there a better thread for this type of question. 2) Is it possible to PARTIALLY disable player markers on map. I want to see when my friends are nearby, but to not show other players. I've asked how to disable markers already, and I know how to do it. What I would like is the function to choose which ones I want to see, and which ones I don't. Thank you.
  2. Cannot make a topic in any area, can a moderator contact me? Thank you.


    Recently I logged in, and found out that I was an admin. I never filled any forms, or appealed to be an administrator.

    I have become an admin. Don't know how, or when.

    1. ViniKamp1


      This is just a prank on the first of April

    2. SilverDiamond


      OK, that actually got me. Damnit.