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  1. I still haven't solved the problem
  2. I may not even know about the game, but it's the only one that doesn't give me sound, the game doesn't detect that there is no audio device, the rest of the games have sound and the computer is in perfect condition, only ETS2 has no sound . If that was the problem, I would have seen it As you can see in the image the problem is in the game I have sound in the rest of the things
  3. I have windows 10 and I have USB headphones
  4. I just did that and I don't always have the same pattern
  5. The problem is that I don't see the sound output in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the only game that is giving me problems, the rest has sound, as I said above in the game, in the options, no device appears.
  6. I'm having problems with the audio in the game, it just doesn't give any audio. I go to the game settings and it does not detect any audio device, can anyone help me?
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