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  1. Hello is there any way when you add custom cars for example BMW when you play in first person mod to be BMW interior not a Skoda one... Its really strange ;d
  2. Don't forget to share your new thoughts with us :HaulieLove:

  3. Yes I found the answer to my question, thank you
  4. Hello, I really want to become part of the tuckersmp staff, but I can't submit an application because of an active ban. My question is is there any way I can get it off other than just waiting 1 year?
  5. In my opinion, blocking a road in a multiplayer game like TruckersMP can be a frustrating and disruptive behavior for other players. The purpose of the game is to simulate a realistic trucking experience, and blocking a road goes against the principles of fair play, cooperation, and maintaining a smooth traffic flow. While it is difficult for me to provide a definitive judgment on the appropriate punishment for such actions, there are a few factors to consider. Kicking a player from the game server without imposing a ban can serve as a warning and a way to temporarily remove the disruptive player from the situation. This can help to address the immediate issue and allow the blocked road to be cleared. Kicking is a milder punishment that allows the player to quickly rejoin the game and potentially learn from their mistake. However, in some cases, particularly when a player repeatedly engages in disruptive behavior, a ban may be considered necessary. A ban can be seen as a more severe measure to discourage the player from engaging in such behavior in the future and protect the overall gameplay experience for other users. Ultimately, the decision on whether to ban a player or simply kick them from the server for blocking a road rests with the game's developers and administrators. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the game and creating an enjoyable experience for all players. The specific circumstances, severity of the disruption, and the player's history of infractions may all play a role in determining the appropriate course of action.
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