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  1. Going tommorow on a camping trip!

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    2. ConnBotUpfor56


      I'd say search it up on google maps

    3. TFM_Omega


      near Amsterdam?

    4. ConnBotUpfor56


      More close to Alkmaar

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S III mini. And i tried that. Did not work.
  3. Hello I'm on my mobile atm. But the problem is with the mobile version I can't view my messages or even do anything. So how do i get on the desktop version? -Conn
  4. Name: Mika Steam: ConnBotUpfor56 [NL] Age: 12 Why you would like to join MLC?: I'm looking for a good active VTC. Do you have TeamSpeak3?: Yep TimeZone: CEST (GMT+2)
  5. There's only one guy on the EU #1 Server

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