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    9 months ago, I was peer pressured into reinstalling ETS2 and TruckersMP to play with my friends. We played/messed around for a bit and my friends slowly lost intrest in the game, but I didn't.

    A few days after on the 4th of December, the day before I turned 17, I decided to make a bold move and apply for a VTC. Pries Logistics was the name, I was a bit afraid as I've had negative experiences with being in a VTC before. I sent in the application, hoping that I would be accepted but I was prepared to apply for multiple VTCs did the need ever arise.


    2 days later, after I had turned 17 the day before. I got a friend request from @BL4CK$K1LL and a DM stating that I'd been accepted and that I would need to apply the Pries tag and changes in my game. I was excited! Maybe being in a VTC wouldn't be so bad after all!

    I eagerly joined my first convoy with Pries, Food For Poor 2019 in December 2019. It all went great until the last part near Newcastle where I ended up getting stuck and had to prematurely quit the convoy. (Somethings never change do they now? :P)

    Now looking back in September 2020, (well almost) I'm glad I made this decision. Especially to all the friends I made along the way.

    Here is a special thanks to everyone who make TMP as enjoyable as it is for me now.



    @Vantage [GBR]
    @Da Seppl
    @Agia Varvara
    @[PRIES] Soni

    @DarkMoon [RU/EN]

    Thank you all ❤️

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    2. *Winged*


      We love you Compot! :love: pngwave.png


    3. Arix_


      It's been amazing to drive with someone like you! Keep on driving and never give up on anything no matter what. :) 

    4. [PRIES] Soni

      [PRIES] Soni

      Compot bad driver but I´m a HUGE fan 😍 glad to have you arround 🤗

  2. time to go for my second public convoy in a row, this time. cant wait :D

  3. Love my VTC family and friends as they're supporting me through my rough times



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    Entering into the Land of Enchantment

  5. TMP6 ATS Convoy completed! :D


  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy S III mini. And i tried that. Did not work.
  7. Hello I'm on my mobile atm. But the problem is with the mobile version I can't view my messages or even do anything. So how do i get on the desktop version? -Conn
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