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  1. Thank you for your attention

  2. I think that in most cases, it's the driver's fault, who drives recklessly and dangerously, but to be honest, the car also has strange physics. When you enter a curve, you can overturn. In my opinion, it depends on everyone how they drive, accidents happens not only with Skoda car, but with trucks too, there are also people who drive aggressively and cause accidents.
  3. Happy birthday to all truckers!💖

  4. Thank you for your follow mate! ❤️

  5. Happy birthday to TruckersMP Team, you guys do a great work for us !
  6. Hey, i want to buy an master trucker membership. But i dont understand something,it is 5$/month, but when i need to pay, it says that i'll pay today, 21.04.2023 5$, and then on the 1st may, which means membership is not one month, but 9 days, how is this possible?
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