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  1. Who cares? I do, and obviously many others who are asking NOT demanding.. Adds to the holiday atmosphere. Sorry you're not happy with it Mr. Grinch.
  2. Promods servers online and waiting for players. Very nice job TMP!
  3. Promods v2.43 and TMP v1.36.2.2 working great for me. Promods servers are online and waiting for players.
  4. I don't think you need to uninstall Road to the Black Sea. As I quoted it will not prevent the game from loading.
  5. Checked, double checked, Promods 2.43 is supposed to support MP, "Road to the Black Sea does not prevent the game from loading but is not compatible.". Waiting for Promods server to go online.
  6. Promods v2.43 RELEASED. Installed tested. Now what? When should we expect the Promods server back online?
  7. I don't think players want to sit and do nothing, they gather together so there is some action other than driving empty roads. They will eventually get bored with that area, then what? There was a recent celebration of 3 million registered users. Where did they all go?
  8. The 110km/h is already too fast. At that speed there is not enough time to react to the conditions. Many crashes which take out other players. If game is boring you go play some other game.
  9. No, thanks Kirkenses is where you go to park and listen to horns honking and CB abuse. For many that's better than driving for hours without seeing anyone ,sad.
  10. First of all I am grateful to have Promods servers and play them exclusively. Unfortunately since the Promods release there are not enough players to adequately fill the servers. It was split at first but many of those on Promods server have gone back to the Main server due to more players there. For the size of the Promods map there needs to be more than 3000 players so it's not empty roads all the time, now there are fewer than 2000 most of the time.
  11. From the stories I've heard about those admins I'm not sure how close I wanna get. Know what I mean? Hugs for all.
  12. Hey man, long time no see. I'm back playing MP now that Promods is released. Hope you're doing well. I know you must be busier than a one legged man in an azz kickin' contest! 🙂

    1. PhoenixKevin


      I have many questions about the innuendo at the end, however I'm afraid to ask..

    2. ROADY'O


      Did the meaning get lost in translation?

  13. ROADY'O

    ProMods release

    A major milestone for sure. Great job TruckersMP Team!
  14. I thought TruckersMP was providing the def info through the launcher. No/Yes?
  15. I sure hope you're right. The map will be so huge you may never see another player for days.
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