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    Looking to start making a website for my VTC, but still deciding how to go about it, Stobart trucking and blackout trucking have good websites, anybody know who they host with? or could recomend a host/builder? Regards Von'Tickle
  2. Teamspeak has been renamed, You can connect via matthewlogisticscargo.teamspeak.net, The IP : will of course still work.
  3. Yeah we have a TS server up and running 24/7 uptime.
  4. Its becuase the servers are down.. They seem to be down more then they are up at the moment, Pretty crappy when they got mod of the year 2014? There is no solution for this error its because the servers are down so don't worry nothing wrong with your computer/game just have to wait, and wait, and wait...
  5. No worries, I'm in contact with Jake regarding Teamspeak.
  6. Name: Adam Steam: Von'tickle Age: 23 Why you would like to join MLC?: I enjoy playing ETS2MP and would like to be part of a VTC as i can offer alot with managment and TS server. Do you have TeamSpeak3?: Yes, Also have the ability to provide a server. TimeZone: GMT, South coast, England!
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