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  1. wow a'lot people are fight in on mic and beep in horn and all that stuff i'm just watching not move a inch lmao is everyone see in this ?  what happen in rotterdam

    1. NightOfTheWings


      thanks i'm enjoy in so much in Rotterdam so much with all these crazy people lol

    2. DerAmpelmann
    3. NightOfTheWings


      o boy there like never end in to what happen at Rotterdam i say its really hard to drive but haven't move inch yet because i might be lag in a'lot and wont have room to leave the repair shop sometime

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  2. morning everyone how you been doing

  3. good afternoon everyone sorry been not on much but i'm still free to talk :) or on euro or ATS 

  4. NEW VIDEO on youtube of part 2 is here sorry for long wait hope you all enjoy :) 


  5. was playing gta V lol

  6. hey hey everyone sorry wasnt online :D


  7. hey everyone new video going come soon :) hope you like when its upload <3 

  8. video is done going upload the new video of part 2 tomorrow :D took me all day but its done lmao

  9. hello everyone my new video of part 2 well come on to youtube soon :) hope you all going enjoy when is done i work on it so hard it make me almost asleep lmao :D any more video idea let me no and ill see what i can do best  thanks again

  10. hey hey im enjoy in the night :) how about you guys

    1. Charlotte28


      I was enjoying it but now I can't do any quick jobs on the multiplayer :(


    2. NightOfTheWings


      aww  man that's gotta suck that mp i say it happen to me before .. it was lag then crash my game ye i no how that feel sometime and everyone was going crazy last night to like i say before :D stay safe kids or crash well come .. lmao but i hope they fix some bugs thats all it matter like how i keep crashing sometime even if i go to repair shop sometime it was bad run :P

  11. good after  new !!!! everyone :D might do some uploading of euro some day for fun :)

  12. hey everyone how are ya all today :) 

  13. hey hope you guys enjoy this video i made for fun its not really ban or kick or whatever i do this for fun :) hope you all enjoy 

    ps don't worry its not really kick or ban i record this for fun :) 

  14. hello everyone :D trucker mp for today video i just upload feel free to watch tell me anything u like to see more or anything comment on whatever you guys want to wish me to do :) thanks btw its for fun not to report people 


  15. hello everyone i have the new video going be upload for youtube  very soon just need some touch and it well be on here and plus i do enjoy make in video for fun i don't do it for report :D lmao

  16. is there why my euro keep crashing random ? or is it the server  and keep give me some stupid crash log lmao anything why 

  17. http://imgur.com/a/c9hhQ


    there a truck on the roof lmao does anyone do that or what 

  18. this is good day when i just got log on to euro lmao who think this is best day ever let me no :)



  19. good afternoon everyone hope today well be best day to drive on mp if people on euro or american doing some convoy or what ever let me no sometime to join if not no worry ill just enjoy the best day for the game for what it is and remember stay safe on road :D 

  20. there always people love to crash am i'm wrong or right

    ye there was some issue about people don't no how to drive sometime but its hard to ask them to like stop ram in or people spam in on mic saying stfu and stuff but as i was saying its hard to play but i do enjoy the game but its kinda hard not to hit people like get what i'm saying sometime if you do let me no about it thanks and tell me on comment :)

  21. hey everyone :) happy trucking remember stay safe and drive awesome with out ram in :)

  22. good after noon everyone hope you all enjoy in trucking as much as i do love the people how they keep going with random stuff like crash horn spam and other more but the cb little 


    but hey its what its is and i do enjoy the game euro and ats thanks for these awesome games you guys made and thanks for everyone to have fun on it :)

  23. how do i log my other account off ... i get remove it can any of admin remove this account so i can have it on my world truck page this is what it say 


    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Already connected to another account.

    how to remove it ?? thanks

    1. NightOfTheWings


      its on world trucks to ... on that only ats work for me just cant get this euro to log off to my steam .. someone please help to remove it ..

  24. anyone please let me no

  25. does anyone no how to get my account on euro  to work becuase it not allow me to get it back now what do i do ? can someone help me ?:(

    1. NightOfTheWings


      its just euro not working it wont do the log me in thing on the truck world thing it say its on my other account or something but i cant remove it

    2. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      Did you solve your issue cause your profiles shows that you logged into ETS2? If your asking about World of Trucks, that isn't a TruckersMP thing, it's SCS

    3. NightOfTheWings


      its the world truck thing issu i cant log on to that what i mean sorry i got the wrong post place did i ? yes i was going have to ask someone to remove that account thing so i can have the euro to sign in but it wont allow me it say my other account have took it but i want it remove so can put this on this account :mellow: 

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