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  1. hello everyone we have made a good group that got 5 people join in our steam and discord if you guys want to join its open :) don't have to ask there only 3 rules on it but it well be easy we got our new twitter open for the groups please follow us <3 on twitter https://twitter.com/ColoredTrucking if people want to come on join the steam groups well be here to here our the link to join our groups if you guys are into it free and we make friends to have fun  


    links. https://discord.gg/V5rXujf


    if anyone need to ask feel free to we are always to open talk :) thanks everyone have safe fun trucking drive ever

    1. NightOfTheWings


      btw this is not like VTC or ts3 discord is free to make free server to so come on down :)


  2. hey everyone how do you like my profile and cover profile :D let me no its new plues just got random idea for in my head who ever got like lovey mods like this one blue or whatever coloer should be  make in group of that someday like all trucker friends here to have fun there going be like only 3 rules to it but it was just idea who agreed with me on this ? this group for fun :) not like vtc or ts3 the only thing i can make is with discored free server plues its free on make in rooms stuff if you guys like to join add me on discord  the discord name is -devongamer22 #3381 i have same profile pic like this one on profile here and i well make a server soon so if you guys agreed let me no i got my discord here :) for anything to talk about just dont want to pay for ts3 or vtc this group is for fun and make alot friends :D  (let me no thanks) :D have a merry Chirstmas 

  3. never mind i fix it it's was hidding in my tast manger thing in background no wonder i cant update the new game thanks for the help <3 

    1. derpatrick9


      Have fun Trucking! :) 

  4. hey everyone i got one issu why cant i update euro ? for new virson game it say something like i cant update new virson becuase steam- on euro keep saying something like this *The following Applications are using files that need to be update by setup. It is recommended that you allow setup to automatically close these applications. after the installation has completed, setup will attempt to restart the applications. Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Steam


    HOW do i fix this dang update ?? it wont allow me to do anything i check everything i dont no if i need beta chang or file upload or back up any idea ??? thanks

    1. Titanic4


      Try to kill the process named "eurotrucks2.exe" - it may be stuck or you simply forgot to close the game before starting installation.

    2. NightOfTheWings


      see that's a thing my game is not even open it just keep saying same thing over and over ? i try reboot my laptop i look around have no idea what  going on ?


  5. ay all going to play it later on the game hope it wont crash like it did yesterday :D 

  6. everytime i go to one city on (ats i keep getting crash whats up with that im not even laggy to ? any idea why it keep crashing me 2 times like this thanks 

    1. JeKnYan


      If we could edit status updates, I would have included that you can send me all the required files such as I use mentioned above


      Mod please merge


    2. NightOfTheWings


      well there this crash i have every time i try to go to scaramento at (ats everytime i get close the game frezze and stop and crash but ill look and take pic of it to see why is it doing that 

    3. NightOfTheWings


      and it happen again to night same spot


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  7. hello mp trucking im all here to let you all no we have a new group that i made its not with vtc or ts3 its group for fun hang and make friends we have made a discord group feel free to ask or join with us if you guys want to or not let me on this comment or let me no on steam :) thanks you guys for understand we try our best to have good group for everyone steam group is now open to ask  and many more well come soon *discord* user name devongamer22#3381 (owner of TLT) co-owner we have is jacob capson#0673 let us now and our steam link well be here to to add us :) thanks so much please come on in and have fun at %TLT% stand for Tanker life trucker

  8. good morning everyone hope to ask feel free to ask to join the TLT group we dont accept the vtc or ts3 but this group we can hang have fun talk sometime many more if you guys like to let me no and have a awesome trucking :) on mp  we call our self the *tanker Life Trucker* :D contact me on my steam for info if you want to join and its new group :) witch me my friend made

  9. does anyone no what up with the ats game it keep random asking to redownload new mods stuff and other stuff but what really going on ? sorry i ask 

  10. did anyone got new trailer work ??  this dlc pack right here link* http://store.steampowered.com/app/388477 really ???  it keep saying unsport for so long .. i really want to try so bad :( 

    1. NightOfTheWings


      darn . well thanks for let me no novice i'm just wonder in why  

    2. Syntog


      The DLC works, just not in MP. You can always play SP to try them out. 



      I believe the dev's are still working in it




    3. NightOfTheWings


      so it work on sp but not on mp oo thats' great i would love to try them so bad thanks just been long time  of waiting for it but didnt no it was on sp :D  thanks central

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  11. so is the game not ready to play is the game like down for while to work on the bug fix ? sorry i hare it on fb but not sure if it true or not

  12. is the new dlc pack is support yet ?? from the 1.25 ? or is it still need work on it and i'm calling  schwarzmuller trailer pack ?? or is it ready to use ?

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Wait it can't be supported :o Does that mean it might never be supported? :(

    2. NightOfTheWings


      well this is bummer i just buy the dlc that not work but thanks . for the no i really want to try it bad :( 

    3. Amazing Red Panda

      Amazing Red Panda

      ^ you still can use the cabin accesories from that packs if you have cabin acc dlc.

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  13. good afternoon TMP how it been . and i'm doing great just stress bored and many things but ye life good if you no what i mean but hope you guys have fun  on the mp game :) 

  14. why cant i find any trailer to like paint it in the game can anyone tell me where i can find it ?? 

  15. hello trucker mp i have a qustiong what cant i use the new trailer dlc mod thing it keep saying unsporting thing is it broke in or ... what really going on ?? sorry if i ask but it say this unspport thing and i always end up getting red trailer not blue :( 

    1. NightOfTheWings


      is it broken still panda ?

    2. NightOfTheWings


      how long well it well be done ? 


    3. Noraf


      well, if the same rules applies for this dlc, as for game updates, the release of a supportet version gets pushed back about 24h every time someone asks for it :P 

  16. hello everyone :) or trucker how everyone doing does anyone no what going up for next update ?? new truck paint or more cool trailer ??

    1. NightOfTheWings
    2. Shovali


      fine , now i wake up what about you? 

    3. NightOfTheWings


      its 12 am over here :P u tell me lol and im good

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  17. does anyone no when the new dlc trailer pack well be ready to use .. or the paint ..?? please

  18. i cant go on the game when i get on ? the game say its offline ??? is it other trailer glitch >>> or something or is it 1.25

  19. anyone no why game go offline ?

  20. is new trailer ready to be use or no ??

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      @Devonracer02 you can't usecit now because it's not supported yet, and if you try you will be kicked out just saying :P

    2. NightOfTheWings


      dang it when can i use it cx i just have this dlc for long time i really want to try it lol

  21. hey everyone i got qustiong what happen ?? to the game when i go on EU#2 server when i got on it boot me offline ?? like there like 264 people on but when i got it random kick me off ?? did i got like ban or something ??? or server fix or what happen ??

    1. HumaneWolf


      @Raul Guerra @Devonracer02 That is incorrect, they are not taken down for an update at the moment.


      The servers are having issues due to issues outside of our control.

    2. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder


      Sorry, I think I do Misunderstood, but I meant a being that could, in previous comments wrote that I'm not sure, but if I'm wrong thanks for correcting me.


    3. NightOfTheWings


      so it was from outside world thing that wont like allow you to connet to the game o

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  22. when i got online what happen to eu 2 ? server there not many people on like yesterday or before that ?? im start in to get cunfules ??

    1. sparky2k1292


      ^Isn't it something to do with the end of the summer holidays? I guess people are starting to get busy again and don't have as much spare time.

    2. NightOfTheWings


      that maybe true . and fall is going come soon 

    3. sparky2k1292


      I just can't wait for winter when they add the winter mod :D.


  23. hello everyone was doing some clean out on my laptop it was like kinda um ack in weird lag and test manger say always end up like 100% so i did hole recover thing to see this well help but i well be always on this back :) and have fun trucking guys :D <3

    1. SlavaH


      it should help a little, depends what you had on your computer and what you had running in background etc.

    2. Shovali


      Clean it's good sometimes

  24. hey does anyone no why euro 2 server is down ?? or offline ?? i log on and got kick out for some resaon came back say  EU 2 is offline what happen ?

    1. saadasads123213
    2. Lucas Peterbilt

      Lucas Peterbilt

      The servers are all online :) 

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