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  1. who ever play ATS ? the game does anyone no why THIS map call Santa maria keep crashing on me ?? i got no mods or anything on its just when i drive there i crash i cant even finish the load .. What going on with this stupid map that crash a'lot thanks and sorry for use in (stupid) in there but it crash on me 4 times ..? 

    1. Sven67


      Do you have strong enough computer configuration?

    2. NightOfTheWings


      well the weird part is i can go any other city its just not that city i cant go in ?it random crash if i drive in or even f7 thing :/ and no its kinda one these cheap laptop i have that take like AMD-Quad-Core Processor A8-6410 (up to 2.4 GHz)  AMD Radeon R5 Graphics,  8GB DDR3 L Memory 1000 GB HDD 

  2. hello everyone sorry to ask why are the vtc for euro and ats are refuse to connect ? thanks

  3. hey everyone i'm kinda annoy with this snow and i cant turn it off Is there away to turn this snow off The tab thing done its un check and i turn off the rain AND still SNOW IN WHAT TYPE GLITCH WONT GO AWAY ??? any idea please thanks

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    2. NightOfTheWings


      even when i do try to unstall to reinstall it well snow i think there some glitch happening or something i cant get this snow to turn it off . @MR_XY2

    3. MR_XY2


      So i guess the only possibility to get rid of the snow is to disable the wintermod...

      and if it wont work, unselect during the reinstall of the launcher the wintermod-if it wont work youre pretty much f...ed :mellow:

    4. ScaniaFan89


      Disable winter mod>click apply & ok>go back in & uncheck season effects>click apply & ok then alt f4 & restart game! if not i guess reinstall but dont add winter mod & turn off season effects to stop the snow falling, past that no idea ask support

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  4. issue with VTMlive


    well  i have vtc stuff but when i download the vtmlive how does it work ? to go right in company thing with out doing all the job ? like when i start it up go in game saying like request to use advanced sdk features detected please note that functionality is provided on 'as is' basis with no gurantees as to performance licensed for use in professional driving simulator environment for driver training or for public use in cyber cafes how to make that work ??? 

    1. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      That message is basically telling you that the plugin you are using e.g. VTMive plugin has been enabled in-game and using the advanced SDK features that ETS2 and ATS provide. That application will submit your deliveries to an API which will submit your jobs.

    2. NightOfTheWings


      sweet just want to no what it does thanks for let me no @The Imaginative Lad

  5. guys i got some question when people make like vtc for the trucker mp is there like some cost of money to pay to keep it live or is it free to make im kinda lost my mind but i never made it but i was just wondering ? thanks

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    2. NightOfTheWings


      great ^.^ i feel find and thanks i well you have great day man pm me any time you like to talk id glade to have someone to talk sometime :) 

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Awesome :D no problem mate 


      also  i want to let you know , you can also make convoys, when ever you want to and people can  join if they want to  


      web site >  http://ets2c.com/ 


      if you are having issues  on how to make a vtc  , feel free to  to make a  post  in the help section, or you ca talk to people who have made a vtc  and they can help you make one. 


      link >  https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/  

    4. NightOfTheWings


      great thanks man i love the help you give :D 

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  6. good morning trucker even or where ever how life of trucking sound good for ya if soo there alot things to be done clean no one to get blame at :) found so many people break in some rules but im not really blaming on them ill i say is i found a'lot people love to break rule even little kids or teens . is there some way i wonder if they first make the game they should follow rules or something or is that to hard thanks ! :) 

  7. well i enjoy some day but i want something more crazy :D lol btw hey people feel free to talk to me on discord on my server its free + its open for everyone you guys can feel welcome no matter what i try my best to get people if your up for it thanks for join :) if not its cool here the link here if you guys want to https://discord.gg/CpJXDSe remember its open for everyone :)

  8. hey kat happy birthday make wish come true man :) enjoy your day

  9. hey everyone in trucking forums in the setting for the wheel steering sensitivity WHERE or what or how far ?? with out the truck fliping over ??i cant find out what or where need to set up .... in the steering sensitivity or steering non-linearity .. anything like how far ??? or how low

  10. good morning afternoon or even :) how everyone trucking going if you guys need to talk i"m always free to talk when ever steam groups are open for ever discord server open for everyone feel free welcome or join add me when ever the link well be here if you guys like to join 

    steam groups link - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MrOwlGroups


    discord server-https://discord.gg/jKJWyUn


    discord user name MrOwl#3381

    steam name


    feel free to add :) or join this is just groups for meet friends hang its not all about the trucking or stuff its just chill server to talk when ever and meet a'lot new people no matter what thanks guys and happy trucking

  11. is there like stuff happen with the mp like everytime i get on the game there use to be alot on euro 2 but now its 152 somethings like that what going on :D?

  12. im back on youtube guys feel free to follow me twitter me anything and the trucking game keep disconnet on me while ago what happen ?

  13. hey guys i'm back to youtube feel free to sub or like :) and happy trucking everyone

  14. hey everyone when is the schwarzmuller trailer pack well be ready to be support or use in mp ??? i have it unstall for while but i really want to try i did it on sp  but i want to no if ? it well work on Mp ? any idea when >

    1. NightOfTheWings


      really then why they make it for the DLC then ? i'm just wonder

    2. El1teZombiezHD


      We can't make everyone have the Schwarzmuller DLC to play MP, that would be unfair to those who cannot afford it or don't have it.

    3. NightOfTheWings


      true and it might may be have huge crash sometime on the game if people don't have the dlc ok thanks for let me no i was just kinda wondering why that's all :) 

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  15. hello everyone how life going with trucking haven't been on for while been busy and everything :P 

  16. Happy new years of 2017. Good Bye 2016 !

    1. NightOfTheWings
    2. Mirko9


      Happy new year too :)

    3. NightOfTheWings


      @Mirko9 thanks mate :) happy new years to you to :) 

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  17. there well be a'lot crash happen in euro 2 people should drive respect for other :)  if not i cant tell what well happen next 

  18. good morning or afternoon trucker i have chang profile pic to ted bare so hope you enjoy :) and happy trucking

  19. MERRY MERRY MERRY MERRY chirstmas to all and to all have good trucking :) 

  20. new profile change looks time :) 

  21. afternoon everyone :D 

  22. laggy rotterdam blocker everywhere :) this is best time to watch how much road block there is its crazy around 3:22 am :D still up might go bed soon lol

  23. would it mind if people have fun then crashing or fight in  in the game i'm not trying to be rude but this is crazy o.o . well not now happen i no say report but ill i'm saying is eh hard to play sometime to truck or car drive when they fight each other or blam people for no resaon is there like some little good rule so people can play nice together or it well never happen not trying to be rude or everyone im just kinda wondering if there is or not thanks  

  24. hey everyone i got one good qustiong or 2 is the dlc pack ready to be use ? like the new one call  schwarzmuller trailer pack and 2 if anyone would like to join our group it is free all u have to do is ask me plues follow are twitter :) for support help all we need we are trying are best to have this group going so feel free to ask me :D  thanks !

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Schwarzmüller trailer pack isn't supported and neither are the Christmas paint jobs. Rest of the DLC are supported.

    2. NightOfTheWings



      i been waiting for that for ever i try it on sp it was cool :/ wish it work on the mp

    3. NightOfTheWings
  25. what update is this ?? i never see this new update before ?? what going on o.o ??

    1. NightOfTheWings


      so this new update is trying to fix the bug crash form a'lot people that have problem with 

    2. chipmunk197


      yeah iv tried all server and took all the new chassis off and still nothing so im waiting now 

    3. NightOfTheWings


      @chipmunk179 i just got crash only one time so it might not be ready yet to play or something but there well be .. soon no one no tell when they fix or not 

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