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  1. Guess im have in issu with the game on euro why is my auto save thing wont work ... like im start in to get little mad about it every day or night i get off the game where i life it and i was in the car but then when i came back on im back where it say EU#1 and back to my old truck like really .. im kinda getting annoy and tired of it ?? Is the auto save broken ?? or bug or what the deal .. im just really mad right now about this . even same with my ats . like what the deal ??

    1. -VOYVODA-


      auto save doesnt work mate ?

    2. NightOfTheWings


      @Texas Transports LLC  well no every time like when i leave the came then come back little later on my game didn't use to save on my spot it just random change back and put me back to old save in so every time i save Normale it random put me back to same file as i was before i have no idea what the deal .. like i save when i drive in a car then log off . then after i come back it puts me back in same truck as my old save in like im really really not sure what the deal here but its still doing it .. im not sure if it bug glitch or whatever but its not save in my games anymore it just put back to same old file ,, to truck not like my car or anything

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