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  1. hello everyone :) my name bendy i  no i haven't been on here for while been busy but i'm trying my best to get on more or what so ever but if anyone got good question or anything you need to no info me here or discord me on my server that's everyone is welcome if not u can just pm me on steam and discord

    *discord name*



    Steam named


    for more idea or whatever let me no :) thanks

    1. krypto_one


      you got your name from the game bendy and the ink machine

      you played it too have you

    2. NightOfTheWings


      I was LOOKING FOR IT but i cant some how get it on steam i haven't see the buy button anywhere but I saw on youtube It look really the bomb I really want to play it bad so much if people around play it i would play it if someone but back the buy button i would buy it !

      i love how people play it i love there music to 


    3. krypto_one
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