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  1. soo was wondering what happen to this page yesterday when i try to log in to this page then i got some EX002 Error thing pop open and it wont log me on keep saying something wrong with EX002 thing then i write my email password stuff always same but it saying missing or re make new account or something but then today right now i'm back online with my same name password any idea what happen yesterday ? much bug or lag or something 

    1. NightOfTheWings


      oh how did that happen ? and that great the page is now fix up again :) 

    2. SgtBreadStick


      Yea IPS Suite can be a pain as i have it for my forums and i keep getting Error 1S--- or Error EX1054, etc... And the constant breaking of the background processes that go on forever and multiply and use up storage and cpu and memory :( As seen below...


      @Tuxy Fluffyclaws have you had this before by any chance and do you know how to fix it even when the task is locked?

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