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  1. It will be nice, I'd like to see this in the game.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2980188623&searchtext=TMP+man this is the mod, can you read the description and tell me if this mod is ok to use in TMP?
  3. How do I know if it makes lags? And if for me it doesn't lag and for others it does, how can I know and check it?
  4. Hi, so I downloaded a mod truck and I don't know if it's bannable or not if I use this truck in a game. Can someone please tell me if it's bannable and if it's okay to drive this truck in TMP? Thank you Pictures of the mod truck: Link to the mod in steam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the mods description, I'm not sure if the save edit in this truck mod is bannable or not in the TMP.
  5. Hi, my question is: Can I make save editing or something like that in my truck's cabin (The cabin accessories and more...)? I saw a few people with this, and I am afraid that it'ss bannable. Is it bannable or not, and can I make the save editing or whatever it's called? Thank you.
  6. Hi, my question is can I change my avatar profile to a popular person? Maybe like Lana Del Rey?
  7. Omggg thank you so muchhh, that helped a lot!!!
  8. Hi, in the last time my game is super laggy (This wasn't before, 1.47-1.46). Can someone please help me and suggest me what to do in case to fix the lags? Thank you.
  9. The web report system won't let you submit the report without a valid video link. I use "Open Broadcaster Software", or OBS for short.

  10. Thank you! What is it "Trucky"? Is it a recording app or something? And where/how can I download it?
  11. XxQufDezxX

    ping problem

    Are you sure that you got perm ban because of the ping?
  12. Hello, my question is Can I report someone without a video record? Like if I tell the moderators the time and server that the accident happened in, can they somehow see what happend?
  13. And if I have an alt account while my other account is in ban, and I don't play on it, does it count like a ban evading? Must I delete my alt account? I don't play it anymore, even if my "new" account is in ban.
  14. I got a permanent report ban, does it count like I've been banned 2 times?
  15. Enterence: Hello, so I have a question about having 2 accounts in TruckersMP. I have two accounts, a new one and an old one. I don't play anymore on my old account (Even if not in ban) so my question is: can I play on my old account while my old account is in ban?
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