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  1. I agree, those people are really dumb and deserved to get banned. If the server could do something like that it would be brilliant
  2. If you spawn inside someone it ghosts you i think. I found that out at H64 when 2 convoy operators loaded in the same save. But your not ghosted if you land in front of someone which is why road spawners are an issus This could be a good idea but idk if it is possible though.
  3. +1 i think this is a good idea, but idk how easy it is for the developers to add in.
  4. I have Norton, It has a habit of being over protective. Is it a popup box which says it's unsafe? if so click it and there should be an option to restore the file or ignore it.
  5. Hi, Have you tried reinstalling the game? Also if you could give us the log file from C:\Documents\ATSMP\crash or C:\Documents\ATSMP\last_crash Many Thanks
  6. Does it just say not responding, does it just go to the desktop or have any error pop up boxes?
  7. Is the profile you use linked with World of Trucks? I find that it is because it is trying to sync with World of Trucks on my computer.
  8. A picture of the error box would help us. Steam automatically pauses when you open the game as it can't update while you're playing it. Try re-installing and everything and then tell us what happens.
  9. No, you can't create a private server.
  10. Make sure your voice volume is turned up (TAB -> right click -> settings -> sound)
  11. Make sure you have an internet connection and that steam has a connection.
  12. Hi, Make sure the file paths are right when you install the game https://gyazo.com/e358f8796ca31add49db0583b147af33 If you have installed ETS2 into the default location the file path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator If the file path isn't right when TMP is installed it won't be able to inject the dll as it won't be able to find the correct file.
  13. I think the wot servers were experiencing issue on this day. Have a try now and see if it's able to log in. Kind regards, OnlyVolvoDriver
  14. Have you tried reinstalling? It might help. Kind regards, OnlyVolvoDriver
  15. When you reinstalled did you delete all the ets2mp files in documents?
  16. Its probably not something ETS2MP can do as servers are quite expensive.
  17. Nice idea, but not too sure how easy it will be to implement
  18. +1, good idea. Just have to wait for the police car to be released. Hopefully, as the police stuff is only for admins online, it will be available for all players on single player. Also it would also add some realism to it as the police irl use wig wags similar to these.
  19. Make sure you have no ram demanding background programs running e.g. Chrome, Skype ect.
  20. This message is usually caused by your game not being able to access the Internet. 1: check your firewalls 2: run game as administrator 3: make sure steam is open first
  21. Also there is a more likely chance of the offender getting banned if you report via the website
  22. 1: Run as admin 2: Make sure steam is open first 3: Check your internet connection
  23. Also make sure you don't have ram killer programs open. E.g. Chrome, Skype ect.
  24. Do you have any mods installed? it might be them that cause crashes. I had some that conflicted, it was only when the ets2mp launcher automatically disables them that they became a problem.
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