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  1. BelgianCat

    The end of Teamspeak 3

    Teamspeak hasn't lasted the test of age. It was good, but arguably decayed now with modern releases like Discord. I thinks it's for the better to use Discord as it means there won't be any server costs to maintain and is far more user friendly. I too have used Teamspeak for years but Discord is very easy to adapt to.
  2. BelgianCat

    What are your favourite FILMS?

    I watched Saving Private Ryan when I was rather young and I still consider it to be one of my favorite movies (must've rewatched it like 20 times or so) I also really enjoyed I am Legend despite the (for some) rather bad CGI. I just like Will Smith in general (HanCock for example was also a good movie!)
  3. It's truly the best decision. To be fair having a platform in multiple languages is useful, but has the potential of dividing the playerbase. Nowadays I feel like most people know enough English anyways to communicate in it.
  4. BelgianCat Released

    Perhaps a bit late to still post now, but WOW. That ghost mode is by far one of the neatest updates in a while! Great work!
  5. BelgianCat

    ETS2Map Megathread

    When is the Follow API going to come back? It was by far one of the most useful features and was a good indicator of me when to slow down in advance to let people pass me before I could even see them ingame. EDIT: For some reason it started working for me again, I don't know why it started working again but just clicking someone makes them "green" and will always center that person. (Like it used to be)
  6. BelgianCat

    Banned, what do I do now?

    Thank you for the elaborate guide!
  7. BelgianCat

    Having to start with an already damaged load

    Thankyou very much Suldok! That is actually quite clever, and I feel stupid for not having done this before! Thankyou for responding, Aragon! You and Suldok seem to be more intelligent than I am, as I never thought of using saves
  8. Sometimes when I accept jobs, the loads are already damaged. Sometimes they are even damaged 100%. Everytime this happens, I have to drive to eventually get paid nothing and receive no xp. Is there a way to avoid getting already damaged loads? It's starting to annoy me a bit. I have driven at least 2 hours (real life time) in total with broken loads. Thankyou in advance!