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  1. I´m live soon streaming some Ingame Work!


  2. I´m now starting another livestream. Will do some Ingame Moderation of course!


  3. I´m now going live again Moderating ingame!


  4. Now Live! Doing some Ingame Moderation and Convoy Driving!


  5. I´m now live with some Ingame Moderation on Sim 1!


  6. Hey guys,
    I´m going live again with a small Mod stream on Sim1!


  7. Welcoming the new Year with some Moderation on Sim 1!


  8. Going live very soon, doing some moderation on Sim1!


  9. Going live again streaming some ingame Moderation!


  10. Now Live doing some Moderation on Sim 1! Come and join the Chaos.


  11. I´m going live again with another Moderation stream on Sim 1!


  12. I´m now going live exploring the new ETS2 DLC, come and have a you look!


  13. Hey leute, wir sind aktuell dringend auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern die einfach Spaß am realistischen Fahren haben. Jeder ist willkommen eine Bewerbung zu schreiben! Liebe Grüße, AlexXX
  14. Random stream popping in right now! Come and have a look.


  15. Now Live with the Real Ops Event!

    Don´t forget to keep a lane free for Emergency vehicles!


  16. I´m now going live doing my usual work on Sim 1! Come and have a look.


  17. Live very soon doing some Moderation as always!


  18. Now Live doing some Moderation on Sim1!


  19. I´m going live with another Moderation stream on Sim 1!


  20. Now live doing some Moderation before we head over to the States reviewing the Utah DLC. Come and have a look!


  21. New Stream is starting very soon! Come and have a look at the ingame work of a Game Moderator!


    1. Handanovic


      You're doing well!

      Good luck!

  22. Now Live streaming some Moderation work! Come by and have a look. https://www.twitch.tv/alexxxtmp

    1. [BAR] Drexyy

      [BAR] Drexyy

      so good stream ♥

  23. Well how would ProMods scam people because they need to have all map DLC´s. It´s obvious that the money from the DLC´s only goes to SCS. Also the Reason behind all of that DLC´s are very simple, ProMods needs the DLCs assets to create their high quality maps and you can only have them by buying these DLC´s. They integrate the DLC regions into the map and create new connections from the Base Map to their builds. Also no one forces anyone to play ProMods, if you don´t have the money just simply play on the normal servers, it´s additional not mandatory to play ETS2 or TruckersMP.
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