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  1. There are some things that are Hazmat even if one box is on the truck, and others that you need a couple pallets of to become regulated. Like I said, it is a thing you have to take yearly refresher classes on because it is complicated, but truthfully, your dispatcher sets it up and just tells you what placard you need, at least at the company I worked for. We never did pickups, so there was no danger of accidentally mixing things either. Certain things can never be mixed in the same trailer, and some things can only be carried in limited quantities so not too much can happen if the truck crashes or if someone is out to cause trouble. I doubt if you can have a full 53' trailer full of dynamite or fireworks in real life, just because that quantity could be devastating if there was a crash. One of the biggest things to know about hauling hazmat, you have to take certain routes that avoid tunnels and city centers (again, the dispatcher tells you the route to drive in my experience). Here's a link to the US Federal rules if you want to check it out more (and see why they don't pay me enough to want any part of it): https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/sites/fmcsa.dot.gov/files/docs/Hazardous_Materials_Markings_Labeling_and_Placarding_Guide_508CLN.pdf I started doing cargo loads now with some trailers in ATS solo mode, and it is pretty neat. The part about it wasting an hour of your on duty time is optimistic at best; most times it takes that long to get up to the dock with everyone waiting in queue. I was hauling some really heavy equipment with my new Kenworth W900 with the 625hp King of the Hill motor, 18spd/retarder trans, and 8x6 drivetrain (only medium frame with the smaller sleeper to keep it a bit shorter), and the longest lowboy combo with 36 wheels all its own (so with my rig, a 50 wheeler)! When you lock the diffs, you get a six wheel drive that can't be stopped. I set that trailer to private, even though the hired help would probably never touch it anyway. Tough part of getting that loaded is to get it maneuvered under the freight crane in the spot they give you. It's a challenge to make turns but what a joy when you look in the right mirror and the last wheel is less than a foot from the curb and doesn't hit it. Bought a 53' reefer trailer with the third axle that can be lifted out of the way for easier turning and for light loads. Used that to take a load of dynamite for the first time, and it was neat with the class 1 placard on the trailer door. After the run was done, I figured I would not take that anymore because in real life, what nut would want that behind them as they take a snooze in the sleeper? Let alone want to drive it on the pot hole filled American highways. I'm surprised you changed the game files to earn less money. That is the one thing there is never enough of for me. But you are right, nobody makes that kind of money for real because if they did, the trucking industry would not be begging for drivers. The company I signed on with years ago sent me a plane ticket to move to where they are located. They have huge signing bonuses in some cases if you have exp, and if you never drove anything but a car they will train you for the Commercial Driver's License, as long as you agree to work for them about a year (otherwise you owe them for the driving school). I don't drive anymore commercially but the way they are now offering so much, and automatic transmission trucks in most cases now too, I am keeping my eyes open and who knows. I hurt my knee so doing the gears and clutch is not something I want again, so if they would give me a snazzy new Volvo that you have 2 pedals and all the creature comforts, I would consider it. So anyway I'm just playing in solo now to build up the drivers' earnings quicker and build my ATS empire. If my VTC has an event like a convoy, I'll go into TMP, but not going to use it too much right now otherwise. Have you tried the in game Convoys? That is with the AI traffic and then up to 8 members per server it seems? Wonder if then the hired drivers earn faster like in solo, so I don't have to sacrifice money to drive with friends.
  2. Ok I understand the Hazmat, I had that rating for real years ago when I drove big trucks. We never hauled anything but insulated/refrigerated trailers, but you'd be surprised what can be classified Hazmat when you have enough of it all in one place (like a pallet load or truck full). Didn't keep that rating current over the years because never needed it again, and it is a major hassle to keep it now with all kinds of security and yearly classes, etc. I am with only one account in ATS and one in ETS2 so if I ever think of a reason to start another account I will try exactly what you have laid out here. I can try some of it in ETS now since I am still in the earlier game stages though. I am glad to hear that I haven't been wasting money by giving my people good trucks and putting a mix of trailers in their garages. I don't have any set to private because I've yet to head out with truck and trailer to take just freight (how do you do that actually?) I suppose that pays the most per mile since it's all my equipment on the road, right? I do check the trailer utilisation percentages to see if something is being used, and how much, and sometimes buy a second or third one for that garage to let others use them. Container trailers, flat beds, low boys, and even the 4 poster logging / pipe trailers get used a lot more than I would have thought, even in the case of container ones, well away from the port cities. I bought refer trailers for the Abq and Laredo garages since it's so hot there, and dry vans for Seattle and Kalispell and they are all getting used. I wonder how much logic is built into the game by the devs, if they really have experience in the trucking industry like drivers and company owners do. It's one thing to do road trips and figure out city scapes and roads, and use truck manufacturer data to build trucks and trailers in game, but the trucking business involves the broader economy which varies by area of the country. Well going to finish a long run I'm on now with a new International LoneStar 8x4 pulling a huge load with a log loader from Oregon to Texas. Doing it in solo but with TrucksBook for my VTC; I just have to have the AI traffic around to make it seem real right now. Driving in the TMP is just not realistic with no traffic on the roads except the occasional other driver or convoy driving by. Wish they could have both. Also with 34 drivers, driving in solo is a huge winfall of money to buy myself some nice new trucks for myself, like the LoneStar--like you posted, the hired drivers turn over jobs more quickly in solo, and it is really noticeable in the bank account overflowing.
  3. Wow this is quite a game plan and guess you have been playing a long time. I am at level 42 now in ATS and maybe level 12 in ETS, and I hire drivers anywhere from .8 to 5.0 experience, depending if they already have 3 or more categories with exp. I have avoided ones with 3 points in one category and none in the others, thinking they are too picky maybe? I have a few drivers who are always bringing in 2 to 6k per trip, and others who have 1k, then a loss, then 1k, and I usually dump them. I have a few in ATS that are bringing in 14k or more per run now, quite amazing. Wish I could duplicate their profiles. What is ADR by the way? And what is that order you are talking about? Oh one thing I almost forgot, I had one good driver who was starting to lose money, so I moved her to a different city and gave her a different truck, and she rebounded and is doing well again, maybe better than ever. I don't scrimp on the driver's rides either, always go for the 13 speed with retarder and at least 450hp or more engine, and always give the extra mirrors for safety, and add a sleeper (sometimes add the sleeper after a few cycles when there is more cash).
  4. I have always just left drivers set to balanced when I hire them. I tend to hire ones now that have at least some experience in 3 or more categories already, as opposed to ones that have just exp in one area, or none at all. Not sure if this logic is sound, but I hired one guy that had like 3 exp in just one area, and turned out to be a loser never finding return work, so I fired him. In ETS2 I still need to plan how to grow, I have one HQ with 5 bays, and a second garage with just 3 spots, so my income vs the bank notes is really not good. I have the max of 500k euro out and whenever I get enough to pay off one of the notes, I refinance the lot of them for working capital, and then am in debt the full load again. In ATS I have over a million dollars per week coming in, so the loan payments are not much, and I could just pay off the 500k dollars after a few cycles if I wanted to. What is a better strategy to grow? I tried finding some youtube videos on how to grow, and got disgusted when one video was all about how to cheat the game 4 different ways to get rich quick. Any advice you guys would share to make an honest living in game would be appreciated.
  5. I noticed that about not having to rest ever too. I did a delivery that I had to fuel up twice but never had to sleep once. It is interesting for sure with the time changes. One thing not good about it in ETS2 I noticed is the bank took two payments on my load during that long trip, but my drivers didn't even all earn, so I went in debt about 3000 euros until I cashed in the trip I was on. I guess the only solution is to play solo every now and then to get them earning like they should (I only have 6 drivers in ETS2 so it's not a lot of earnings but in ATS I have over 25 now). Appreciate the explanation and that you took the time to precisely measure this.
  6. Try Clearing the ARP Cache: https://techjourney.net/clear-delete-and-refresh-arp-cache-entry/ Tried this one after doing the dnsflush and still having problems. I tried pinging google.com and only 2 of 4 did not time out. So after running the ARP procedure in that link, I got google.com to give 4 of 4 replies, and I was able to play ETS2 for a couple hours without problems, and my ping hovered around 120ms from 140 or 150 the day before. Still got kicked after coming into Amsterdam and there were like ten people there near where I had to drop off, and so that must have spiked it for me. But the game is a lot more dependable now. Thanks again for the help, and this new trick I had never heard of.
  7. Thanks everyone for you help with this issue. I play mostly connected to the US server for ATS since I am in NY area. The ping shows as around 40 ms (I keep the tab open to see it at all times, as well as other drivers near me) but can spike to 300 or higher briefly, but then comes back down to the 40 range. In ETS2 I play in the European server to have more chance of seeing people, and the normal ping is about 140 ms but jumps up to over 500 ms or more but then comes back down. I passed a huge convoy parked on the other side of the interstate in Germany last night and my ping did not go much over 150 ms, so I don't think my intermittent problem is from too many players near me. I have an i7-8700k, 32GB memory, 1080 GTX, 1 TB SSD, and cable internet with speeds of 12 Mpbs/ 8 Mbps (advertised) with real values from speedtest.net of 8 Mbps/ 6 Mbps. Sometimes I cannot even log into ETS2, single or with TruckersMP, and if I reboot the PC and reload everything, I can then get in. I will read more about the dns flushing to see if that helps, but as far as the modem and connections, they are pretty solid. Thanks again and will post back if I can get it fixed.
  8. I noticed that the clock runs slower in multiplayer but the drivers are still earning money. It takes about twice as long for time to pass. What seems to help is to always use up rest before a delivery if there is time (doing quick jobs) that way you get a bunch of drivers getting paid.
  9. I've done the first 3 on here. I have a low ping of 30 to 40 ms on my internet so a vpn would not help. Not sure what you mean about the dns flush? And where are these temp files to be found and deleted? Thanks
  10. I am new here and got TruckersMP up and running last night and was able to drive quite a while in ATS with no problems. Then I was suddenly kicked for this reason stated above, and I have decent internet with 10 Mbps/8 Mbps and latency of about 30ms doing the Speedtest.net. I am located in New York State. When I tried running TruckersMP for ETS2, I was only logged in a few minutes and got kicked for this same reason. Not sure what can be done here, are there settings I can adjust to fix something? This happened around 2300 GMT -4.
  11. Thanks for the discussion on how this works. I bought and set up ATS back in around 2017 I think so I missed that gold rush of having the employees make money when the game is not running apparently. I guess the only way to see the difference is get loaded up into TruckersMP and start running around and see how the messages come in. I always keep fatigue on for the realism, and real fuel usage, but have been in the habit of keeping offenses turned off, and the air brake simulation turned off. As soon as I finish this quick job to make the money to buy a new truck for a new employee, I will get this system installed and hope to see someone driving the Texas roads.
  12. Thanks that's really good to know. I have 23 drivers now and most of them are making good money for me so it's so nice every time I get up from a nap and the ticker tape is going how much money they earned.
  13. For me I think the Pacific Coast Highway (US Route 101) is just amazing. Love to get runs from Washington state to Southern California. Looking out at the Pacific Ocean is amazing in real life, and they did a nice job putting that magic into the game. Last time on that ATS road was over a year ago before they made a lot of changes, so hope it's as nice as I remembered it.
  14. Really like the Kenworth W900 day cab for driving around the oversized cargo going to mining operations or tree cutting ops. Just bought the Freightliner Cascadia though and it is really smooth, but more suited to expressway long distance runs I think.
  15. Hi everyone, just joined tonight and looking forward to getting into the server. Just wondering, I have 7 garages and over 20 employees and trucks, so do they keep working as normal while I am playing in the TruckersMP? It's so nice to see those messages that my people are making me money as I drive around doing my own thing. I want to keep buying garages and trucks, but really want to see how driving with a community is too.
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