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  1. We can't type some special characters on the keyboard. I support this idea.
  2. Thanks for your follow Special, much appreciated ❤️

    1. Special Edition

      Special Edition

      You're welcome ❤️

  3. Takip için Teşekkürler Volkan bey ❤️

    1. Special Edition

      Special Edition

      You're welcome image.png.e3a8b4ea02a7a52bfd5f608149480469.png

  4. Thanks for follow !

  5. Thank you for the follow.

    1. Special Edition

      Special Edition

      You're welcome

  6. Vabis. because it has sporty gauges and I like the retarder sound.
  7. Oye happy birthday 🎂

    1. M3V.


      Oye! Appreciate it

  8. Oye happy birthday 🎂🥳

  9. True ️ next person loves retarder sound
  10. I never lose. I either win or I learn.
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