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  1. Yes... and I have even wandered into some twitch streamers lobby and when I asked about TMP they didnt know what I was talking about.
  2. Heya TruckersMP! I just wanted to drop a note here and thank you guys for this mod and community that has evolved around it. I have played off and on for years, using several 3rd party tools like trucksbook and trucky and I have noticed that recruiting for our pretend companies is a challenge at times. The community is very spread out and I have found that several of the streamers I have visited don't even know what VTC's are and that TMP is a thing. I have tried to spread the good word to those I have found because I think it adds a depth to the game that you just don't get out of the box, and SCS's convoy system just doesn't hit like TMP does for the multiplayer experience. I won't even get into the mileage difference that is logged from the way they do compression compared to here. I have started a reddit community specifically for recruiting for VTC's - it might not take off at all, but I wanted to try at least. Would it be ok - not against any of your rules - if I posted it here?
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