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  1. Nathan_

    Warning Symbols

    What he said ^, It's not hard to type it in yourself, the only thing that would make it better is if it was Auto
  2. I mean, It could work but the amount of work it would take is pretty obscene. I'm also pretty sure this was suggested before, and rejected
  3. what's phenomenal transport?

  4. I mean, even if this would work, I don't think that it would better the situation, as you'd still have people going to that trailer spot to attempt to get their trailer.
  5. @AbrahamGVG You must upload it to a site such as www.imgur,com and copy the link into your post, this will automatically add the image, otherwise the image is too large
  6. I find that J-Spec trucks are a lot more realistic, and I like the fact that they are being implemented more into VTCs, Personally at CFC, it is something we pride ourselfs on. Our show truck is pretty bare, with the only customisation being the sideskirts, and chrome mirrors.
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