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  1. don't know if this helps ! but today I launched single player again in direct x mode from steam, and when you go to the sdk confirmation and hit ok it freezes. but when I launched it again under normal launcher its fine
  2. just done all this and all of above. still the same, really annoyed now
  3. game does not get far enough to post any sceenshots unfortunatly
  4. help please !! as soon as I hit the ok in ATS or ETS my cursor freeze's. run it as admin ,opted out of betas etc, been like this since patch back in december
  5. getting the same thing, no quick jobs, so cannot travel, reset the economy. in the american config but still nothing. HELP !
  6. downloaded latest update, when I install it goes to multiplayer no problem, but when I click the icon for multiplayer on my desktop it goes to singleplayer ...help please
  7. brill work. keep trucking
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