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  1. Hello, my friend changed pc and downloaded ets2 and Multiplayer mod, now when he click in install available update, download start but freez in file 1 of 22 Help please friends... Thanks. http://prntscr.com/ekzm1b
  2. :tmp:  Hello :)  :tmp:


  3. Hello Friends ~

    Happy new year :)

  4. Hello Friends, i need Help.

    I'm accidentally disabled messenger in forum :D

    How i can enable it again? Thx.

  5. Why 250 + of my community Reputation Removed??


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    2. konfig0


      It was 270, and they won't be re-added to your account. Also the accounts who spammed reputation no longer have the ability to do that.

  6. Good Night.

    1. The Flying Scotsman
    2. Shovali


      Good Night man have a good dreams and see you in morning XD :D 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  7. Wow! Really Nice Story and improvement. Thanks. Good Luck Always TMP.
  8. Yes, my mean is for non dlc owners. Yes. But if i think need do a work for can see ( for non DLC owners) Example non DLC owner download all ets2 DLC in steam, but can't use , just for see another players....
  9. So i'm happy now. Good Luck. Best Regards.
  10. i'm sorry, i currently don't know. Try Run as administrator, Fully uninstall old version and install new version. if i find a way to solve this problem then send to you. i Recommended ask a Question in here : https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ Good luck.
  11. Before this Update i few min wait for connect to server (Server players was Full) But now is nice~
  12. you can't use Engine mod 700 HP or 720 , Just Mod created for Example use Scania Engine (730 HP) For Man or Volvo Engine (750) Hp for MAN and allowed.
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