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  1. Hi bro, really special Transport DLC Supporting in MP Now?!! No problem with car escorts!?
  2. Hey Friends, What is this new horn ? :D

  3. uzc0_20170204093125_1.jpg

    I Really Don't Know How This Accident Occurred :D

  4. please remember always run steam and TMP as administrator. Thanks for Update.
  5. Hi, nice, thanks for streaming, kat_pw 24 hours working
  6. Hi Dear Truckers! 

    Good Night, We are In Vacation of New Year in Iran!! 

    Happy New Year Iranians :wub:


    I hope a nice year for you. 

    Good luck. :)

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      good night and have a nice dream :P 

    2. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]
  7. Hello Friends!

    Good Afternoon Dear Truckers 


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    2. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]



                    H                          H             i

                    H                          H             I

                    H                          H             I

                    HHHHHHHHHHH             I

                    H                          H             I

                    H                          H             I

                    H                          H             I 



  8. Hello, Thanks,,:tmp: Good Luck :tmp:

  9. Hello, Excellent, Nice idea !!! But TMP Still Has Some Bugs, So i think first they should solve that's and then add new options,, New options require time to test and debug...
  10. Hi,, Long Time you dont Visited Your World of trucks profile :D

    Check it please. Maybe you find new comments there ..

    1. NetyTV


      Nice, thanks :)

    • Hello my dear friend, Thanks for follow, hahaha.


    1. [SK] - TeR*KuKing*[CEO]

      [SK] - TeR*KuKing*[CEO]

      my friend,why thx?  :)

  11. Hello friend,, How are you :)

    1. Cinosdb


      hello am good thanks yourself sorry not been on forms in a while  :(

  12. Humanwolf will demote me from veteran driver to member, then you think i can become Supporter? XD

  13. Hello!

    So supporter Commented on your profile XD

  14. Hello Friends,  Please Visit My Website And My World Of Trucks Page, Thanks. 


    Website: https://wotin.jimdo.com

    World of Trucks: https://https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=625731


    Please Say Your Suggestions.


    Best Regards. 

  15. How are you dear Nety :D

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    2. NetyTV


      I am fine, what you?

      I will add it after you promote me to officer :troll:

    3. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      Thank you. 


      I played ets2, 71.3 Hours Past 2 Weeks.

      And you played 5 Hours Past 2 Weeks.

      How Can I Promote You? :D

    4. NetyTV


      Use magic :D

  16. Hi, he downloaded it. Please see photo, download freez in here : http://prntscr.com/ekzm1b
  17. I already say to he for disable anti virus Thanks. He run it as Administrator but problem not solved... His network haven't problem.. Just can't download MP mod. Thx. Hello, yes, i say it and he reinstalled but not solved... Thanks, i will say for use VPN. and i say here if problem solved. Freez for always .. And so he need close Launcher and again open.. Already opened as adminstrator. He changed pc, so installed steam and downloaded ets2 again. Hi , his problem is not network, and he network working correctly. Just can't download MP mod. Thanks.
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