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  1. Hello Dear Truckers! ?

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    2. Reaper


      Hello there :) 

      Hope you're staying healthy in these troubling times. 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Hello ?? long time no see ?

    4. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      Thanks Reaper, i hope it for you too

      Miss you Killua Ireland ??

  2. Hello Truckers, 

    I need help for my new VTC, 

    I made 3 paint jobs and I'm not sure about choose which, 

    so I will share paints with you:


    1: http://opizo.me/GjWTpa

    2: http://opizo.me/q7gfns

    3: http://opizo.me/L4YbVK


    Waiting for your comments.


    :check: Steam Group Link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GLI2

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    2. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      yes my friend, I already ask and I selected second paint, But one of members said first paint is better so I ask it here and he saw :)

    3. Reaper


      I think the 3rd one looks really good. I think it matches the trailer perfectly :P The second one is also pretty good too

    4. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      Thanks all for your comments.

  3. Hi




    Completed Long World Of Trucks Job With 0% Damage :) 

  4. Hello :tmp:








    Today In EU#2 I tested my New Skin :) 


    Iranian Mammut Trailer: 





  5. Thank you very much for this guide, Good Luck
  6. Iranian Mammut Trailer! 








    Friends, How Can I Solve This Problem? One Mammut Logo on the right and One on  the left of the trailer.

  7. Hi Bro I have a question

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    2. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      Thanks, But can't save files by DDS format in paint

      I have GIMP too, 

    3. Forerunner


      try that then

      paint.NET can save dds

    4. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      Thank you so much bro, I installed Paint.net , it's best app for edit DDS files. 

      I found mip mapping when saved trailer skin and that problem solved ! 

  8. Hello Friends! 






    My First Work :unsure:

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    2. M T-*Qi Ge

      M T-*Qi Ge

      Hi! Can a friend teach me or send a tutorial?:D

    3. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]

      Hello :)

      Visit This Topics : 





    4. M T-*Qi Ge
  9. Friends, Why You Are Not Active In World Of Trucks? 

    Please Complete More Jobs In WOT And Visit Profiles,

    For Start You Can Visit My Profile :Dhttps://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=625731

    I Uploaded New Pictures.

    Thanks For Your Visits :)

  10. Hi bro!! Long time no see, how are you? 

    i hope you remember me :)

    You are best forever <3

    Have a nice time. Best Regards. 

  11. This limitation made just for some players like you... This is a simulator game.. Drivers should drive normal and safe like real world.
  12. Update TruckersMP And Play Without Speed Limition Now!! 

  13. Hey friends, TruckersMP updated, speed limition removed.
  14. Truckers, TruckersMP wants players to improve their driving style and reduce accidents, but i think this is not good way... And please pay attention! This limitation isn't forever. So drive better and safer in the game. Best regards.
  15. Thank you, good update, I agree with this update. But 150 kph also is a high speed, i think 140 kph is better
  16. Hi, Good Morning Dear Truckers, 

    Hope a nice day for you :)

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Hope you have a nice day too :) 

    2. Samito_BG


      Good Morning bro, have a nice day ! :wub:

    3. [GLI] saeed kamali [CEO]
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