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  1. Hmmh, alright, I guess if there's one guy doing it since launch, this can take a while especially since this isn't really a top priority thing like better gameplay, less lag to no lag. Keeping servers up and so on. Still, can't wait to see the AI's being implemented. It would be fun to see it in ETS with over 2500 people on and there's a massive traffic jam. ATS is more of a ghost server on its own right now as people seem to favor ETS 2 for a lot of reasons.
  2. iSakashii

    Ghost Roads

    Hello, I saw a post just recently that was asked 2 years ago and close with an answer then. So, I'm redoing it for personal reason, are there going to be any NPC cars added in? Roads feel so empty in here.. Aside from the 1000 > 2000 trucker player place. Normally I come across by 4-10 people, if not more but it's still quite rare. The post I looked at is here:
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