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  1. Hello Werzey, I have followed the steps in the video but it still doesnt open..
  2. Hello sorry for the late reply, and no this issue has not been solved.
  3. Hello, Thanks for answering. I have erased every trace of the Client file. Which file location should I download it on? I've been downloading it to the file location it normally gives me (Picture below me). I have reinstalled it again and it still doesn't work..
  4. Trucksbook doesn't want to open even when I click it multiple times and redownload it. I even went to Youtube if I installed it wrongly, but no, I have restarted my system a couple of times. when I click it, it just gives me the blue loading circle and then disappears. I even checked my background running apps to see if it's there but no. And I noticed a warning sign on the download file, does it have something to do with my problem? I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE
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