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  1. I prefer to speed, mostly pushingmy truck to the max at around 170 kmh. Of course with caution, always. But i don't mind taking a break to drive normally and obey the laws.
  2. I would say flags. They also seem to drop my fps once i pick up speed with the flags attached.
  3. I only dislike the renault because the magnum looks like a vertical brick on wheels. The iveco is alright and i personally love that horn they put on the hi-way.
  4. ATSMP is limited to 100 mph (160kmh) ETS2MP is limited to 93 mph (150 kmh)
  5. 2 digit ping is actually good. Exceeding 150 is when you start experiencing problems. We also have an autokick on 600ms, so you don't have to exaggerate your point here. You're not the only one getting frustrated with other people's internet connection. So making a rant is pointless for now.
  6. You don't have to be rude. If he wants to play on a different server, then he has the rights to do so.
  7. Not a NAVI fan but i just love the image.
  8. Uhm.. please rewatch that video and look on your right mirror when the crash happens. In case you still don't understand, you caught your wheels on the curb and lost control.
  9. This was an issue since the release of the mod. All i can say is Keep distance and watch the person in front of you.
  10. Late but, welcome back!

  11. ATS has less priority than ETS since that's played by thousands of more people (literally).
  12. I recommend you to read the news and be polite because if you think it's just a simple patch to support the new ats version, you might as well do it yourself. The devs are having a busy time and can't always promise a new update, they have been focusing on getting the winter mod and special cargo supported. Being a jerk about it will just get yourself in a worse position.
  13. @Kat_pw I don't know what the problem is, i have at least 5 mb/s download speed but the wintermod has less than 500 kb/s download speed. Nevermind, i just read the post. sorreh
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