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  1. i'm still in prime logistics ive had that as my name for ages im on a registered leave of absence with prime waiting to rejoin then i got banned i had hardware issues meaning i could not play my pc i really dont understand this is not very clear at all
  2. SORTED INTERNALLY i could not access my account following an unrelated issue . i was told by crestune to change my name to what is shown in the link > https://imgur.com/a/Tmevr5i here is the example page for having name as numbers i quickly checked that i could access truckers MP i signed out and changed my name to what you see now in that extremely short time i was banned by someone who's clearly very bored they failed to actually check my account or do any kind of research to make sure the ban was justified this ban is a permanent and so far I've received nothing back from KONEKO or the support team how is this able to happen can just anyone able to be a moderator if so sign me up ill do a better job! than the individual that banned me, id check before banning seems like a very slap dash approach to server moderation from koneko..... help from a real moderator would be greatly appreciated
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