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  1. one day a guy was going very slow and i wanted to overtake him. a guy was coming the other way and i didnt know what to do and at that moment i think GM was watching that area and i think he accidentally kicked the other guy instead of me I was happy to avoid being banned at the last moment
  2. 1. Nickname: Aphrodite. 2. TruckersMP ID: 1836023 3. Member since: 29 Nov 2017 16:59 UTC
  3. I usually carry freight for TB so i can be in any city on the map at any time but sometimes i want to drive in traffic and i take the C-D road.
  4. Düsseldorf because i wanted my main garage to be in the most populated city
  5. I always play in SIM1 because there are a lot of players and you can meet someone anywhere at any time.
  6. I think what is needed is first of all traffic and game knowledge. Practical and correct decision making and most importantly someone who knows his responsibilities.
  7. Most of the map consists narrow, scenic and challenging roads. wherever you go, the roads will increase your fun extra so go where the road takes you have fun Grand Utopia is a very beautiful map and enjoyable to play
  8. Congrats

    1. FelixZ1X.


      Thank you! ❤️

  9. Time to rest after a long road (4257 KM) and a lot of tired 🤓
    📍 Луга


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