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  1. Like your attitude and those reckless drivers in truckersmp is one of the reason why this game is very fun. But irl I don't think we want those reckless drivers. But I think I will still report someone if he did it intentionally, or have bad attitude even they are the one in fault.
  2. Thanks for your advice and I will do that in the future. I don't really want to get him banned or anything but I just feel that seems like he got a point there and I am bit curious on what will it leads to when the situation really goes down like that. And btw I should be more clear about that is the car hit me is going to the east to Duisburg and I am going to the west to Calais. I can't really avoid him because in my right there is a fence and it is a curve road, which is really unfortunate.
  3. The situation is when I was driving through the DC road, there is a car coming on the opposite side and he came to my lane then hit me. I accused him that he is overtaking dangerously and hit me but he came back to me that it was my fault because I am speeding and I run at him while he was overtaking. I was driving around 90 which I think yes he is correct about the speeding. So, who is the one in fault in this situation?
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