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  1. So i logged in Online, drove to a shop, upgraded my truck (Kenworth W900 or whatevs, the new one.) Then looked for a company in LA wich could give me a good long job. Eventualy i found one. So i picked up a mission for a trailer in LA - and up to Redding. It payed 20k $ so i tought it would be a good job. I started driving, no problems, no damage, no tickets, nothing. Perfect drive. Some idiots on the road, but nothing i came close to. When i came to redding, delivered my load (with hardest parking option) i got nothing. The message was "TOO LATE" and.. its wasnt like i was 1 hour late or 2 - no, 126 hours late! What the actual F!? That was a long trip!! I lost money on that trip! Whats going on in Multiplayer? Heard other players have had the same problem.. so its not only me! Even it says the mission runs out in 3452345235 hours or some "thing".. Also, quick suggestion; When people log in, make them "invisible" for 1 minute or some "thing", incase some decides to log of in the middle of the road.. i came 110 km/h and a dude just spawned in the road right infront of me.. i barely missed him. (also if people gets DC'd, i understand that you can get DC'd in the road, np, so why not make you invisible for a short period of time, so you can get out of the road) - exeqtr (mad)
  2. Name: Samson (you can call me sammy or exe Steam: Freshwhite92 Age: 23 Why you would like to join MLC?: I've never been in a company before, so it would be nice to have some friends to drive with. Do you have TeamSpeak3?: Yeah TimeZone: GMT + 1 (Norway)
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