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  1. Hey guys. I have the base game on steam and been loving it so far. I have not purchased any DLC's that include other areas of the map. As I have been playing on TruckersMP, I noticed that the content has been limited, it seems that there aren't many routes / deliveries to choose as most of it is around Germany, NL, and UK. I hardly ever have routes to France, and so on. I would like to expand even further. I also see people having nice big trailers with special cargo, while I am limited just to the basic stuff. What should I do? Buy DLC's? Are there some mods I can install for more options of cargo or routes? Is there some sort of a guide for needed mods to have the most fun? Thx.
  2. Hey all, I've been having a blast driving with 3 trailers. It seems however, that in many places it gets bugged and the trailer gets stuck/shoots up in the air. Is there any guide or recommendations on which cities to go to and which vendors to use? The ones with big parking lots, etc. so the trailer does not get stuck when it gets loaded up. Thanks!
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