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  1. Hug of death pretty much. I hope they added an NCZ to Genoa Bridge. EDIT: Downloading here!
  2. Ancona and Bari (Italy) needs help reaching another star on the World of Trucks event! 903 and 933 / 1000 respectively!

  3. Swansea, UK needs help reaching its last star on the World of Trucks event! 636/1000

  4. The GPS Distance increase is great news. Would it be viable to make it a customizable option? (The minimum being stuck at 400, the maximum 1km (which I believe is the distance in which players get "streamed" to us))
  5. Copenhagen is 324/1000 with 4 Stars....

  6. Beware of two trolls in Bremen (DE)

  7. They just updated it to support the TruckersMP X-mas event update.
  8. Just received a message about a server update in EU#2, is it happening boys? 

  9. SCS and those mini MP breaking updates... Fixed possible crash on OSX So Windows people got it too, logic? :S Nothing but wait game then :/
  10. Wow, wonderful Fast work!! tfw I just finished downgrading everything and then an update pop's up :^)
  11. EU#2 = Need for Euro Speed Simulator: Underground 2

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    2. FirestarteR93


      ^ You just made me feel old :(

    3. Inthernet


      I should try to replace the menu music with "Riders of the Storm"

    4. FirestarteR93
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