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  3. hey man According to your question, I prefer to play on Sim1 server. Maybe the fun of individuals is different from that of individuals, and the server I like will also be different. This does not mean anything, it only means that I am lucky!
  4. Glad to see "Dark_Boy_" Your valuable questions,whe ther in reality or in games, the problem of speed limit has always been judged by the comparison of reality,however, the speed limit in the game may make people feel more compact, which leads to the discussion of this topic. Although I am just an ordinary driver, I think there must be official reasons for the official decision, so I don't think there is much discussion on this topic
  5. Happy birthday to you!

  6. Thank you very much for your follow! 🙂 

  7. Thankyou Your computer is great. I want to update my system configuration. Thank you for your comments Thank you for your comments Thank you for your comments Change a video card, if the delay is 9fsp Walk like a snail or a mosaic
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  10. Canne wait for this event
  11. Thanks for the follow! Smurfs are cool btw. 🙂 

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