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  1. Congratulations!:HaulieLove:

  2. The only time I drove a skoda was on TMP9 Freeroam server,otherwise I NEVER drive skoda..better, I HATE SKODAS in this game.
  3. 'AboutViki.


    I do not agree with your decision at all. I think reports should stay permanently and not increase or decrease depending on the report if it is accepted or rejected...this wastes a lot of time to do a report...for example I have been stuck at 2 reports at a time for over a month due to some reports being rejected unfairly...like some reports got declined of someone driving the wrong way...and I was told that it was more of a kick than not a bannable offence...if I had done that I would be banned by now...and that makes you lose priority...and make no sense the game..if someone drive in the worng way as written in the rules,that would be bannable not kickable or other...
  4. I honestly preferred more the new C-D that they put in on April 1...even if it was just an April Fool's Day,the work done was a lot and for me it was better...no more slowing down,stopping in the middle of the road,ramming,inapropriate overtaking and reckless driving...and on top of that there was also a huge space to stop and take a break or refuel...something that is currently missing and creates big traffic jam bc all they want to go in the fuel station...
  5. I would like to remind you that this is a simulation game and not a racing game...the limits that are already there is right to be there,in fact in my opinion they should be restricted to 90kmh for everyone at least on Simulation 1... it is right that in the cities the limit should be reduced as it is in reality...you cannot pass through the city or the center at 90 or 110kmh for example...then since everyone is careful and respects the signs,the precedences,the traffic lights etc...
  6. heheh you tried the win but no I'm the winner
  7. Happy Birthday RLC Veteran ❤️🎂

  8. I have to admit that until a few years ago I used to do that too...after I almost risk ban because I took a corner a little too fast than expected,I stopped doing that and started taking this game a little more seriously and always drive at 90kmh. Now I would tell you,as long as it doesn't cause me any problems I let them pass,but if someone bumps into me or puts me in extreme conditions I report it immediately even if they say sorry. This is a simulation game and not a racing game. Everyone should learn it,but I've seen that it's pretty hard to get it figured out....
  9. Thanks for the follow!🧡

    1. Dαrwen


      You're welcome 🖤

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