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  1. Happy Birthday! :HaulieLove:

  2. Congratulations!:HaulieLove:

  3. I always use turn signals as on IRL.and it would be fair if EVERYONE do that...to avoid useless accidents,reckless overtakes,reckless turns and when you slow down a lot using emergency lights help a lot to avoid chain collisons...
  4. Ello there! Thanks for the follow too!:HaulieLove:

  5. Thank you for following!

  6. I can't really tell you what I think about these stupid people...but I can say and assure you that when they get banned it's fun to see them apologize in all sorts of ways...commenting under the videos excc but it's too late now,you should have thought of that before
  7. I already answered you. This is a simulator game and not a racing game. Read again what i've said before..I don't see any reason to go single player,since this game was born as a simulator and not as a racing game..here who is in the wrong path are all those who think like you... kind regards enjoy your racing game...
  8. Since I like to drive realistic and as in real life you can't overtake all the time and everywhere,I try to be patient and wait...sometimes you wait even hours...in the meantime maybe I eat a sandwich or drink a coffee...since there are 200+ staff members including game moderators...I wonder but where are they when you need them? What is the point of having all these Staff if no one is ever active?.. btw I never pressed ALT+F4 in all my history on TMP.
  9. It's hard to understand that you're playing a simulation game and not a racing game isn't it? Have you ever seen trucks going 110kmh in real life? I haven't,never. The 110kmh limit for my opinion is still too high and on Simulation 1 it should be set at 90kmh. If you want to race a little more,there is Simulation 2 there you can go up to 150kmh (unrealistic and nosense). If you want to race like on F1,you have to play on Single Player and playing with mods,that makes your truck engine over powered... But the question is...what do you find cool about racing with a truck??...I still have a hard time understanding it...did they make trucks that go 90? and 90 they have to go! This is a SIMULATOR game NOT A RACING GAME!! Is written in the name of the Game and in the name of the Server you join to play...
  10. Congrats Sjovnieee good job!:HaulieLove:

    1. Sjovn


      Thank you ❤️

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