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  1. SupportGuy

    Should TruckersMP change their ban system?

    I would look first at your actions to see what you are doing to get banned and then see if it is something that you can change. More than likely it is.
  2. SupportGuy Released

    Thanks to the team for their hard work!
  3. SupportGuy

    VTC Recruitment

    Thanks a lot, both of you!
  4. SupportGuy

    VTC Recruitment

    Can you point me in the direction of how to purchase ads on these radio stations please?
  5. I would like to see the Freightliner come to ATS next. I currently drive a Pete 579 but I have always been interested in the freightshakers lol. What about you?
  6. SupportGuy

    Lets Write a Book (Story game)

    Rules are simple. Write one sentence to progress the story. In the end, I will try and put it all together to make a book. Setting: Fantasy (think Lord of the Rings or Eragon) Matthias sat around the small wooden table sipping on his Ale and looking around at the other patrons waiting for his colleague to show up.
  7. SupportGuy

    How did you come up with your username?

    I tend to play more supporting roles in any game that I play, like healer or tank, therefore SupportGuy lol
  8. SupportGuy

    Mods and New Update

    I have noticed that some of my truck dashes in the game do not show up. I backed down to DX9 and still, some of them do not show up. What could be causing the conflict? Would it be a truck mod perhaps or a graphics mod?
  9. SupportGuy

    VTC and VTC Management

    I appreciate all the input everyone. It has been quite helpful.
  10. SupportGuy

    VTC Recruitment

    I really like this perspective, didn't think of it that way but it makes sense for sure!
  11. SupportGuy

    VTC Recruitment

    Where did most of you begin to recruit for your VTC? Was it inside TruckersMP or elsewhere?
  12. SupportGuy

    Direct X11

    Thanks all that answered my question. I appreciate it.
  13. SupportGuy

    New game mode (an apology)

    Im am looking forward to this feature ever since it was teased a while back. Take your time! @Bleeed from what I understand it is what the game currently is with ai traffic added into it. I could be totally wrong tho.
  14. SupportGuy

    Direct X11

    How do I go about getting ATS to run in Direct X11. I have seen some Youtubers doing so and it looked amazing. Any help would be appreciated! TIA.