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  1. So this is a little weird but I ll try to explain it ..So a friend of mine tried to run the truckersMP.exe file(as administrator too) and when he gets to the "check the box for mp: option he checks only ets2 cause he only has ets2 and not ats..After that instead of asking him to write the ets2 directory it asks for the ats directory.Only time he gets the ets2 directory is when he unchecks both ets2 and ats mp box(we tried check the ats box and not the ets2,it shows the ets2 directory for some weird reason but wont accept it even if its 100% right)...then everything goes fine but he gets no ets2 mp icon...not in thestart menu not in the documents nowhere.I believe it must be something wrong with the the ets2 and ats box option...
  2. thanks man...I ll try it and let you know if it's ok!
  3. 3 days now I click on ets2 or ats multiplayer to launch and even though I see it running on the task manager the window for the game opens after 40+ seconds...... Yesterday this stop[ed but it started crashing everytime I opened it in the 1st window that ask you how you want to run ets2(direct x ,opengl etc..)I tried to delete all the files that has to do with mp and install it again but nothing happens. Any suggestions??
  4. hahahahaha are you a wizard??It works now thank you.I had to wait half an hour to be linked.Thanks again for the response
  5. I try to login to ats multiplayer and it;s says that I have to register the game...Also I need to complete 2 hours of gamepoay in order to play multiplayer.I completed the hours and now what??I have to wait for someone to verify my game on truckersmp?
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