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  1. good day Yes, I'm positive, he had Peterbilt with the 8x6. an 8x6 have 3 back axles and out of the 3 the axle nearest to the gas tank had no wheel or tire visible but the axle/ wheel holder remains.
  2. Unfortunately I'm still looking forward for more information I did some digging and found out that the way they made the tire invisible is by using a ai Vehicle invisible wheel/tire. I'm hoping to one day find such code
  3. hey good day I'm in search of some assistance a while back I remember seeing a trucker with an 8x4 chassis but however the first for the three axles in the rear was invisible/ deleted. it gave the truck a nice stretch look to it. Unfortunately, I'm but a beginner in save editing and have no clue on how to actually pull this off any help would be appreciated.
  4. Is there by chance a way to eventually hide/delete or make the tires invisible.?
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