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  1. So, I was always wondering that if SCS could add this cabin lights as a feature or upgrade to the trucks in game. Ever since. I started playing ETS2, I kept wondering that why doesn't the cabin lights work like in real life when we stop the trucks at a resting place or take fuel it would be a good addition and a touch of IRL in game there are few cabin mods that work as cabin lights but not properly as a cabin light would. So it would be a nice touch of they add this feature to the game. The only interior light that has in game is in the Scania S series with the Red light bits. So hopefully SCS would add this small feature to the game.
  2. This may be a stupid opinion but I think SCS should add a Cabin light feature to the game (not mods).

    1. Yarkoon


      an interesting suggestion. Create a new topic with your proposal, I think many people will be interested in discussing it 

    2. L-DragO*


      it's not stupid..

      but an interesting suggestion.


  3. Happy Birthday 

  4. Happy Birthday many many returns of this day.

  5. Krone


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      Great photo 🙂  

    2. Dispo Z

      Dispo Z

      Thank you

  6. Thank you very much for your follow! 🙂


    1. Dispo Z

      Dispo Z

      Your Welcome 

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