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  1. I remember a few years ago this month, snow covered the cities in TMP. it's like reality
  2. It's just autumn bro December 22 will be winter
  3. I advise you not to appeal this case I think both of you are wrong in this case, both of you should have slowed down before turning. And I see that when you turn, you have violated the road traffic law When you want to turn you need to slow down first and your ability to turn must follow the right side
  4. Maybe this is the legendary NCZ Since I just returned to Kirkenes this year I have seen the number of players in China have increased by almost 95%. Europeans and Asians ..vv.. they used to play in Kirkenes a lot and by the time I just came back to TMP Kirkenes and now I know why European players lately they are all don't play in Kirkenes with the Chinese
  5. You just need to click "ERROR" it will automatically verify the file and no more errors
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