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  1. Gefeliciteerd!!!!

    1. Scar


      Nou dankje :D



      thought that said clifford

  2. Finally........ Congratz m8

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you.

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Merry Christmas mate :D i hope you have a awesome Christmas  + fun time

  4. Do you have 5 minutes of spare time? If so then do @El1teZombiezHD a favor with filling out this survey

  5. Today is the day that I finally meet the age for the requirements of the Ttuckers MP team............ Oh wait I am all ready in it. Nevermind then but it still is my birthday.  :D

  6. Happy Birthday to the Forum Spammed. 

  7. It would like to say a massive thanks to @MasterDimz for making me a new Profile Picture, Signature and a Profile Banner. Are you looking for something new for you profile aswell. Then I would contact this guy. Cause the stuff he makes is awesome. Thanks again.

  8. Got a new colour for my Forum name. What do you guys think about it?

    1. TrademarkGamer


      Congrats, Enjoy :P 

  9. Going on Holiday today. Will see all of you back again on the 18th. Have fun and don't troll to much.

  10. Congratulations to @Valeant for making it to IGA.

  11. Congratulations to @Digi7al for making it to IGA

    1. Digital


      Thank you Wapsie! :)

  12. Congrats to @danurb25 for becoming IGA

  13. Due to personal comitment I resigned from Titan Trucking. This also means that I am no longer the owner. But don't be afraid the ownership is now in the hands of the new owner and CEO @DJ Lewis and the management. I would like to wish you al the best of luck and remember one thing, Keep On Truckin.

    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      It's really sad to see you go Wappers :(, I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do next.

    2. Matt #CarLadMatt
  14. Got something exciting coming up once the topic has been approved :)

  15. Wooohooo I am now a Veteran Driver aswell :). A good moment to look back at what I reached here on the Forums and in th TruckersMP Community overall.

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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Nice work mate :P im super happy that you have became a veteran driver + a Mod , that is really cool 



    3. SprinterFS


      Got veteran driver rank on the exactly same day as I became FM. rip

    4. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      Welcome to the club :)

  16. Only 1 day left till veteran driver :)

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    2. PursuitGamer6


      It's just for the forums... Ingame doesn't have anything to do with it! :)

    3. Spieker


      I know, but the date is still wrong^^

    4. PursuitGamer6


      Nothing wrong with it.. You started posting 14 februari, the date you registered..

  17. Only 2 days left till i become a Veteran Driver. 

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    2. OriginalDoubleO


      ^ You must have been registered to the forums for one year, and will then get the tag,

    3. LSTVTC l Brads331 l CEO
    4. Beefy32659_YT


      Congratulations! I'll be two years old on Thursday 1st December 2016! :D I'm old! :D 

  18. 9 Days left till I become a Veteran Driver :)

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    2. EchoSpot
    3. FirestarteR93


      @[SFH] Cheetah I'm always nice - I even accepted your friend req. at steam

    4. Wapsie


      Thats really nice from you indeed @FirestarteR93

  19. What is this with everybody saying SoonTM? Have i been living under a rock or something?

  20. I would like to thank everybody in Soarfly Haulage for everything. But everything comes to an end and that also counts for my time with SFH.

  21. Meanwhile the person who was the most hyped about police car seemed to be disappaerd from this planet

    1. Wapsie
    2. PursuitGamer6


      rip the person who was hyped for it 2015 ~ 2016

    3. TrademarkGamer


      rest in pepperonis 

  22. What to do on your Sunday? Well just monitor the Forums and see if i can help people. :)

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    2. Wapsie


      Well you never know what happens. Just stay positive

    3. Synplex


      I shall leave the forums in your hands for now Wapsie, I'll go enjoy my drive ;)

    4. jacoblovekw


      I go jet skiing on sundays haha :P 

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