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  1. Hi i have the same problem like that person When i launch the truckers mp a the window truckers mp is open and when i click to launch ets nothing is happening . I have ets 2 on steam solo mode is working fine , direct x 11 and i have all microsoft visu , the truckers mp is v 1.27 and the game too ... Help plz !
  2. nop its not working but tkx / this guy has the same problem http://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/1/618463106375815176/
  3. Do you open mp with admin rights / yes i tried it but it is still not working ...
  4. Please help me I can not play the multi . When i open the .exe i have this error! I install the multi many times but its not working while I'm 1.18 help me Please Help me ...
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