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  1. I think just let the road continue, but on a bridge over the railway, large enough for trains to fit.
  2. Don't forget the other junction east of Calais South (actual name)
  3. Nah, it's fine. I was kind of a little lost.
  4. Hello all, Briswall here. I'm writing this to find out why I was unexplainably banned from TruckersMP's discord server. I don't remember anything, but I don't see it on my list of discord servers, but I was on before, a long while back. Any idea how this may have happened? I'm Briswall Mapping#1659, so whatnot. I hope this issue is resolved so I can return to the discord server.
  5. Suggestion Name: Texas TruckersMP Map Suggestion Description: The Texas places are shown ingame, but rather not the actual roads. I don't know why it's not appearing, but just please do so. Any example images: Images are below. Why should it be added?: It should be able to show the intersections, junctions, etc, plus the interstates too... Dallas Image:
  6. Can we all discuss more about improving CD road and Calais itself? There are at least 500+ people on the road itself (including city and intersection), another idea that I would want to see is link the roundabout near the CD road (the one north of Duisburg), to the actual road itself. Also, suggesting further, extend the road into Dusseldorf and realign the road to the roundabout, new access road for Tradeaux, CD road link, and Dusseldorf highway extension.
  7. If you can, try to trace whatever route the CD road goes on while in Belgium & Netherlands, in Google Maps so I can work out what is best.
  8. You mean the junction north of Brussels that got changed from a diamond?
  9. I've done some researching and looks like the A16 which goes over the CD road, is in the wrong place honestly, it would be the A2. Exact same with the ETS2 Parclo junction, but the A73 isn't more closer to Rotterdam, I guess that's fine but, Eindhoven should be on the map, like what the staff did with TruckersMP HQ in Poland. I can't seem to do with uploading my ideas, but I'm gonna link it to my twitter post that I am gonna make. I've made the specific post, so here it is:
  10. Suggestion Name: Calais-Duisburg Road Improvements Suggestion Description: Despite the Duisburg improvements, the Calais-Duisburg still remains untouched, but the congestion in Calais has made the situation worse. Any example images: Have a look yourself via TruckersMP and turn on Heat map in settings, will show you HOW bad it is. Why should it be added?: Below are my suggestions, I might have to end up adding some more ideas for improvements in the post below. To the staff lad that sees this, I'd like to send a follow-up post about more of my ideas.
  11. Hi all, first post. I want to create a new thread about improving Calais-Duisburg road, in Game Suggestions, but I don't see any "Start New Topic" button. Could anyone help me out?
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